The carbon tax is back!

The Liberals just can’t help themselves.

In 2008, Stephane Dion floated the idea of a tax on everything – also known as a carbon tax. Canadians rejected it.

Now, in 2016, media reports suggest that the Trudeau Liberals will raise taxes on Canadians by attempting to implement a national carbon tax!

In Ontario, the governing Liberals have admitted that their $1.9 billion dollars “cap and trade” system will make life more expensive for consumers through higher fuel prices.

Former Liberal Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara admitted that he is skeptical that cap and trade will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But he confirmed that such a system does “bring in a lot of new money into the Government”!

A carbon tax would do virtually nothing to help the environment and would make life more difficult for everyday Canadian families.

Justin Trudeau spent billions in his first 100 days in office – and now he is trying to pass the bill onto you.