How to Effectively Market Your Vancouver Law Practice

Marketing a law practice in Vancouver is very different from marketing in Manhattan. A whole host of cost-effective marketing opportunities are available in Vancouver that isn’t available in the five boroughs. Here are some tips on how to effectively market your Vancouver law practice.

Vancouver Law Practice:

Advertising space in local newspapers is relatively inexpensive in Vancouver. Because the state is so densely populated, a local daily paper circulated in a relatively small area can still reach a lot of homes. Contact your local papers for advertising rates and readership.

If you practice in Vancouver, chances are you have a favorite diner. Next time you sit down for coffee, take a look at the place-mat. You will likely find advertisements for real estate brokers, insurance salesmen, and yes, lawyers. This is an effective form of advertisement that reaches many individuals. In addition, when you are leaving, check the rack for Pick-A-Cards. If there are no lawyers advertising their services in your area of practice, give Pick-A-Card a call.

Regardless of your religious affiliation or whether you have one at all, check local church bulletins. Advertising space is inexpensive and if you advertise in a bulletin at a busy church, you are bound to receive a lot of calls.

Business Law:

Visit local businesses and ask if they will display your business card. My law practice in Vancouver received a good share of business from people who found my card at local small businesses such as dry cleaners, pizza parlors, and delis.

There are many companies in Vancouver that mail out coupons and fliers every couple weeks or once a month. Mailers that welcome people to the neighborhood are very effective in Vancouver. They introduce newcomers to doctors, florists, dentists, and lawyers alike. Offer a free consultation or other value and you will probably receive calls the very first month.


In my experience, the Yellow Pages are much more cost effective in Vancouver than they are in New York. Of course, there are fewer lawyers competing for your business. If you are considering advertising in the Yellow Pages, make certain you determine first precisely who your competition is and whether you can afford to compete. If it’s a choice of placing a small ad in the Yellow Pages or a larger and in a local newspaper, you should probably choose the latter.

I hope these tips on how to effectively market your Vancouver law practice prove helpful. Good luck!